STEC Who? … and why should I care?

The ACTUAL Stec Family!

There are about 50 – 75 professional photographers per square kilometre in North America today, according to a Government of Canada census report dated April 2021!  Okay, that’s not true, but I had you going because it is actually NOT inconceivable is it!? 

Crazy world we live in with the world of digital opening up the world of photography to every human in the Western hemisphere!  So, what makes me think I should be doing this? 

Maybe I should just give up and let all the 22-24 year old girls (the majority of wedding photographers by the way  – that one’s true!) take over! 

Hey, I think the world is a richer place with 24 year olds as much as 54 year olds, but  I’ve still got a few tricks up my sleeve!  Okay, I’ll tone down the cheekiness a bit and tell you who I am (or rather, who we are)!

We are a friendly, creative and well-established boutique wedding photography studio located in the rolling hills just above the Niagara Escarpment in the lazy, touristy town of Jordan, Ontario. 

My wife Debbie and I are full time wedding photographers, though Deb has pulled back a bit in favour of devoting her time to home-schooling our 3 children on our hobby farm in the middle of a vineyard in Southern Ontario’s wine country.  She is also furiously busy writing content for and maintaining and a few other websites we run.

We’ve been blessed through the years to travel the world photographing events for lots of famous people, and we’ve garnered our share of National and International photography accolades. 

Really though, none of that matters because your wedding is all about YOU!  Our goal is to affirm that in all we do.  What you’ll experience is a very unique and personalized level of attention from the moment you visit our studio for the very first time. 

Now, over 2500 weddings later, our work has never been better and we look forward to some of the best years of our career – straight ahead!

Yes, this is a photo of me looking a bit stressed, but sometimes that happens with 4 people on top of you!  However, I can still shoot a pretty mean wedding.